30 Hour Preparation

I am absolutely terrified of these next days to come.

Soon my work and I will be judged by the faculty of Georgia Southern University. What is most scary is the unknown–I hate not knowing what will be asked or what will be said. I feel confident and connected to my work and am always happy to hear suggestions or even connections pertaining to my work.

For the review, I decided to totally clear out my studio and create a small museum/gallery in that space. It was a lot of work but I think it will pay off in the end. I trust displaying the work in such a way will give the faculty a better idea of how and where the work should be displayed. I also have only slept about 5 hours collectively these past few days and am still worried I won’t have enough time to get done everything I want to get done before Friday. Time has been cruel to me this semester and I fear my health has suffered because of it. I just want to to be two weeks from today.. I wish I could close my eyes and tap my heels and poof into the future.

Digital vs Analog Darkroom

 In these past 9 years I certainly have spent my fair share of time in both the digital darkroom as well as the analog darkroom. I just thought of an obvious and stupid difference between the two. Typically, in a traditional darkroom, you stand at your enlarger and after you have made a print, you walk to the chemicals and process your image then and repeat and make a few hundred more because for some reason you hate money… In the digital darkroom, however, you sit at a computer and edit your image and then print it literally an arms-reach (in most cases) away from where you sit. It’s like the digital darkroom is physically making photographers lazy. Even the act of using a digital camera is way less work than a film camera. It literally saves you hours of time just by recording your images on a little storage card. While you’re in the digital darkroom, you also don’t have to worry about accidentally turning a light on and throwing your hard earned cash down the toilet. Even though the analog darkroom gives you a better connection to the past, is traditional, and a little more heart healthy than printing digitally, I definitely prefer and am thankful for the advances on camera technology–it has made photo a little more accessible to those who truly enjoy it. 

A Few of my Favorite Things

If this already exists, please someone inform me. 

I absolutely love movies and television–maybe it has rotten my brain, who knows/who cares? I also am pretty fond of my Littlefork series and what its doing and where its going. I very much enjoy the content of it and how it has a mixture of a lot of my favorite things that I like in movies and in real life; the 90s, supernatural/spiritual/lore, mystery, suspense, cheeky humor, curiosities, small town (where everybody knows everyone–I’ve always been interested in/attracted to small towns). I am wondering, is there a movie out there that is based in a small town in the 90s and that has to do with some sort of mythical being/beast and has humor? Oh crap, is it Harry and the Hendersons? No… it can’t be, that was in the 80s… I think (when John Lithgow had hair). There has to be something, right?

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