Vetri, The Eternal

Greetings traveler. I did see you not… ember dying and night glow weak, can not look past nose. Forgive my chomping. I offer you meat, friend? You starving and I own plenty here. It was great kill. No finish by self. Stay, kick off shoes, put up feet. You like beast taste? What that, now? How did great behemoth fall by hand? A story it was. Please, eat more beast and enjoy tale.

Story begins before sky fire broke. Unusual. Mate, Vetri, nowhere to be found. I yelled for her, “UNGALUNGA, BAKKA BAKKA!?”… No response, not even titter. Worried, I was she taken by Cango and tribe of dastard man. I track for her short while, but evidence of her overrun by great sizes. This great beast we consuming as breath leaves faces. All had I was trusty pokpok and thirst for revenge. I cried anger, “RAAAAAAAAAAAAA, CHUNGA BALLO”, in hopes to frighten monster. Funny thing, found mate-taker keeled over, dead in ditch stone throw from last tracks. Choked on beloved bones. glad beast suffered… I say you, friend, we owe thanks to sweet Vetri, without her blood, no sweet taste of beast. She live forever within.

I am Awake

I’m awake. I am fully awake. The birds are definitely awake. My refrigerator never sleeps. It’s been 7, maybe 8 days this time. Certainly no more than 10, I’ve never been that foolish and, well, I know my limits. Not too close together. Last time it was, what, 5 days? That was short for me, so I can afford to stay longer, no complications. It’s been relaxing, this one, a true vacation. No conflicts like the two before, and I bet the next one will be even better when I’m ready to go under again, probably soon, I’m very awake now. So, everything good now? I’ll be back, say, same time tomorrow? No response. He’s staring at me again, I bet he’s judging the way I choose to live, is he not listening? Hey! No response. So critical. Bastard. Okay, fine, well, I’m going home. I get off the examination table and walk towards the door, slowly, and look back. His eyes follow me, expressionless. I doubt he understands. He’s just one of those by-the-book, too-literal blankies like the rest of ‘em. I’m awake. The door’s stuck. Great. Locked? Okay doc, I’m fine, I’ve been through this over thirty times at least, no issues, clean as day. I’ll go home, live a few, then be back fully charged, 100%. The next one is my dream, I feel it! I’m fully awake. The birds, oh, the birds! Glorious, chirping, calling to the world, dampened only by the sound of my running refrigerator. 


My older Brother’s fourth birthday party. Sharing a giant pillow with a great dane. That time I shoved a piece of fish food up my nose. When I told my mom I needed new shoes so I could run faster. The smile the cute girl gave me in the hallway at high school. The night our remote control cars started moving on their own. When I swallowed a nickel and said that I swallowed big bucks. Pretending to be Peter Pan with a wrapping paper roll for a sword. Following a stray cat in our yard and watching it poop in a hole and then bury it. Finding that girl on MySpace and messaging her. The first time we moved from a state that is always hot to a state that is always cold. Riding in the Easter Bunny’s train with my friend at the mall. The Slip n Slide we had with the alligator at the end. Punching a kid in the stomach at recess. Being pushed so hard in a tire swing by my oldest brother that the rope snapped and I flew and only got the wind knocked out of me. Asking that girl out. How I met my first best friend. The time my cousin crashed a computer chair into our mom’s china cabinet. When I would help my dad fix cars in the driveway. Waking up with a gash above my eye and having to get seven stitches. Crying at a birthday party because I lost at musical chairs. Getting the absolute worst haircut from my mom right before going to Galaxy Skateway. Getting detention for laughing at a doodle my friend made. When we played had a gig in a backyard and got more that thirty people to show up. Popping my pimples in class and wiping the blood off with my notebook. Asking that girl to marry me. Meeting my third best friend. Having sleepovers that didn’t involve sleeping. When skateboarding was life. Playing catch with my dad. Getting kicked out of that movie theater before we even went inside. Witnessing my best friend accidentally cut his finger off with a kitchen knife. Backyard wrestling. Our hamster dying in my hands. The day that girl and I moved to Jacksonville. Inside wrestling. Getting a Nintendo 64. Playing 500 with in the streets with a nerf ball. seeing the same friend who cut off his finger get blasted in the face with a pop fly baseball. Going to youth group with my friend because they had pizza. Starting college in a new city. Getting married to that girl. Being able to tie my own shoes. Riding in a baby seat with my mom on her bike. Winning first place in the pinewood derby. Learning that watermelons explode in the Florida heat. I only wish I had gotten to see it all before that night…

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