After 30 Hour

I great weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

In the program I am currently enrolled in, I would have to say that the 30 hour review is the second most important day as a graduate art student (the first being the final thesis defense, of course). That being said, I am certainly looking forward to the next half of my time at GSU. I am eager to dive deep in my work and truly illustrate whats going on in my head pertaining to my Littlefork series. Though, one does deserve a mental break and to be honest, I feel like both of my camera flashes… fried and FUBAR… Yes, I am sad to say that I have killed two flashes in the past three weeks… I have has these bad boys for years and for some strange reason they’ve decided to croak on me in the middle of my final project in my special topics course in photo… Fine time to die, huh? Luckily, I am resourceful and have a plastic card that fits easily in my wallet that allows me to make stupid purchases whenever I need to… and I’m certainly lucky walmart had cheap flashes… I sure hope it works out. Still am probably looking at another week of no sleep. WOOT! I can sleep when I’m dead!

That being said, I feel great and am giddy as a school girl that it’s days away from summer break. Because after this semester, I could really use the R&R-shit… I feel like I say that after every semester… It’s weird, each semester feels like it’s been the craziest semester… Can’t wait for next!

30 Hour Preparation

I am absolutely terrified of these next days to come.

Soon my work and I will be judged by the faculty of Georgia Southern University. What is most scary is the unknown–I hate not knowing what will be asked or what will be said. I feel confident and connected to my work and am always happy to hear suggestions or even connections pertaining to my work.

For the review, I decided to totally clear out my studio and create a small museum/gallery in that space. It was a lot of work but I think it will pay off in the end. I trust displaying the work in such a way will give the faculty a better idea of how and where the work should be displayed. I also have only slept about 5 hours collectively these past few days and am still worried I won’t have enough time to get done everything I want to get done before Friday. Time has been cruel to me this semester and I fear my health has suffered because of it. I just want to to be two weeks from today.. I wish I could close my eyes and tap my heels and poof into the future.

Digital vs Analog Darkroom

 In these past 9 years I certainly have spent my fair share of time in both the digital darkroom as well as the analog darkroom. I just thought of an obvious and stupid difference between the two. Typically, in a traditional darkroom, you stand at your enlarger and after you have made a print, you walk to the chemicals and process your image then and repeat and make a few hundred more because for some reason you hate money… In the digital darkroom, however, you sit at a computer and edit your image and then print it literally an arms-reach (in most cases) away from where you sit. It’s like the digital darkroom is physically making photographers lazy. Even the act of using a digital camera is way less work than a film camera. It literally saves you hours of time just by recording your images on a little storage card. While you’re in the digital darkroom, you also don’t have to worry about accidentally turning a light on and throwing your hard earned cash down the toilet. Even though the analog darkroom gives you a better connection to the past, is traditional, and a little more heart healthy than printing digitally, I definitely prefer and am thankful for the advances on camera technology–it has made photo a little more accessible to those who truly enjoy it. 

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