A camera is an incredible tool that tells the truth yet also lies. I use this distinct quirk of the camera to my advantage. Through lens distortion, selective cropping, and in-camera manipulation, I drive the viewer to question the reality of an image. Although I do not always intend to fool the viewer, I strive to elicit a feeling of awe. My images evoke a sense of wonder and mystery that catches the eye, coercing the viewer into a deeper experience than simple observation. To this end, merely seeking an image to capture is of little interest to me–I choose to fabricate the reality of my images.

Ever since I can remember, I have always been interested in mythology, fantasy, the prehistoric time period, video games and toys. All of these elements are responsible for bringing my ideas and thoughts to fruition. Much of my work consists of the use of miniatures and toys as well as natural materials, and cutouts. By utilizing small-scale objects, I am able to manipulate my subjects and have total control over the environments I create. Using miniatures in my work forges a suspension of disbelief or adds humor to a subject or scenario. I use photography, ultimately, as a tool to create otherworldly and whimsical scenes that do not transcribe reality but illustrate my own private realities.

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