The Seasons of You…

Hard to say what the year was… summertime for sure, 9am… that’s when my shifts started, just like everyone else… open to close for 4 years… I remember it so vividly, her first day. All the shoppers walked by with sun kissed skin wearing shorts, t-shirts, and flip flops except her… her skin was milky white and she wore a sheer red dress that showed off everything but nothing at all. Among the other employees, she was a rose in a garden of weeds. She was so stunning. Passerbys practically broke their necks as they walked by to steal a glance at her perfection. I just knew she would do well at the Contempo Casuals, her fresh sense of style brought people in by the dozens. There was no way a girl like that would ever give me, a faceless nobody, the time of day. 

As the months went on, so did my obsession. Every moment awake, there she was flaunting her beauty. The agony, the pain it brought me knowing I could never have her, I could never know her touch, I could never share with her my feelings, my desires. The following Spring is when it finally happened, when it all changed and when she noticed me. Confused by what was going on, I couldn’t see my coworkers anywhere… the store was practically empty save for me and one register. A man in a jumpsuit, grabbed me and tied me to a hand truck. Still in shock by what was happening, I knew I would never get a chance like this again… As I passed her I yelled to her exclaiming my love for her, how often I thought about her, and how she will always be the one… I tried so hard to yell, to scream… and nothing… like me… a faceless nobody. 

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