A Letter to Harmonion

A vast forest of green, sun shining through branches of monstrous oak, the balmy redolence of pine, the sonorous sonata of sparrows would be nothing but lifeless bytes. Endless fields of concrete, violent rays of light emanating from a harvest of monitors, the metallic aroma of electric life, insufferable processing tones would permeate this technological world. A world like this would last as long as a mosquito in a DDT factory. Our existence will perish and cease to exist or succumb to the technology and become these computers themselves; humanity would be lost, everything would be lost. A world without nature is a world without life. 

Mr. Gier, the project you have green lit will doom the world. The blood of millions, human and nature’s, will be on your hands. This is not a threat, but a warning. The world you seek to fabricate is a world that should never be. My existence, my family’s existence, the existence of all people should be spent in reality not in some virtual construct. In response to your insane proposal, I have arranged a colony caravan to transport those unwilling to succumb to your tyranny and digital wasteland. May the darkness your heart has welcomed devour you.

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