Experience (in my art)

I have been saying that my current work is about the “experience” and narrative/story and all that jazz. It came to me recently that I now know what kind of experience it is.

In video games (and table top games) you(r) character gains experience the more more you play it. Some games show a physical bar for your character’s experience–an experience bar. Typically, you can experience from killing things, achieving goals, finding secrets, etc. When your experience bar fills, your character goes up a level. When you level, stats increase and you gain new skills–you gain knowledge. With higher stats, new skills, and new knowledge you are able to progress in the game–you get to continue the story.

In my work, viewers gain experience while looking at my work and learning about my story. The more they learn from their experience, the more they learn about my story and the more they can progress throughout the installation.

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