From Photography to Installation

My photography has always been a little more than just going out and finding a photograph. I typically have a scene in mind and then I create it myself–in miniature of course. My final project during my senior portfolio in undergrad class was no exception. The series was a “documentary” of an excavation of a dragon. My goal for this project was to try and push my photography in a different direction–what direction this was, I did not know I wanted it to be more than just photos on a wall. Alongside the images were typed journal entries that described the journey to the dragon’s location and during the excavation. As little of a step as this seemed, it lead my work into a new direction.

After this series, I began another “documentary”. This time was a excavation of a floating tower that was that was discovered by a group of German tycoons in the late 1800s. The series was titled Der Zauberer vom Bodensee, which is translated to the wizard of lake Constance. Included in the series will be images inside and outside of the tower, items from inside the tower, and other artifacts that belonged to the excavation crew. This series is currently on hold but will continue upon conclusion of my current body of work.

LIttlefork became what it is because of these ideas of fabricated documentary and appropriation of objects. The work in this series is displayed as though it were in a museum. Currently there is little photography in Littlefork but, to me, it’s fun because it has given me a chance to explore other mediums and incorporate sculpture, sound, found objects, writing, and soon video into my work. It has already been a crazy journey, and I still have yet to scratch the surface of possibilities for the series.  

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