I am Awake

I’m awake. I am fully awake. The birds are definitely awake. My refrigerator never sleeps. It’s been 7, maybe 8 days this time. Certainly no more than 10, I’ve never been that foolish and, well, I know my limits. Not too close together. Last time it was, what, 5 days? That was short for me, so I can afford to stay longer, no complications. It’s been relaxing, this one, a true vacation. No conflicts like the two before, and I bet the next one will be even better when I’m ready to go under again, probably soon, I’m very awake now. So, everything good now? I’ll be back, say, same time tomorrow? No response. He’s staring at me again, I bet he’s judging the way I choose to live, is he not listening? Hey! No response. So critical. Bastard. Okay, fine, well, I’m going home. I get off the examination table and walk towards the door, slowly, and look back. His eyes follow me, expressionless. I doubt he understands. He’s just one of those by-the-book, too-literal blankies like the rest of ‘em. I’m awake. The door’s stuck. Great. Locked? Okay doc, I’m fine, I’ve been through this over thirty times at least, no issues, clean as day. I’ll go home, live a few, then be back fully charged, 100%. The next one is my dream, I feel it! I’m fully awake. The birds, oh, the birds! Glorious, chirping, calling to the world, dampened only by the sound of my running refrigerator. 


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