Myself in My Art

I recently came across a series of videos by Pixar Animation Studios titled Pixar in a Box. This particular series was titled The Art of Storytelling. The introduction video stated that humans naturally tell stories–which is absolutely true. Since the beginning of the human existence, we’ve been verbally sharing tales with one another. Story telling is a powerful thing. It has the ability to connect people on an emotional level. 

My favorite part of the video was when the host talked about what to write about. He said to write what you know–write about monsters, explosions, and car chases… but put something in it that talks about your own life, and how you feel… That something will make that story come alive and not just be a boring car chase.

To me, the 1990’s was the golden age for everything; video games, cartoons, movies, toys, music… Maybe I’m bias because this decade raised me into who I am today. A third of my life was spent in this glorious decade and though I love where it brought me I still think about how much simpler it was back then and how much easier it seemed and how much fun it was. I know the 90’s and basing my story in this decade is a way for me to be in my narrative. The 90’s is my explosion, my car chase. 

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