Vetri, The Eternal

Greetings traveler. I did see you not… ember dying and night glow weak, can not look past nose. Forgive my chomping. I offer you meat, friend? You starving and I own plenty here. It was great kill. No finish by self. Stay, kick off shoes, put up feet. You like beast taste? What that, now? How did great behemoth fall by hand? A story it was. Please, eat more beast and enjoy tale.

Story begins before sky fire broke. Unusual. Mate, Vetri, nowhere to be found. I yelled for her, “UNGALUNGA, BAKKA BAKKA!?”… No response, not even titter. Worried, I was she taken by Cango and tribe of dastard man. I track for her short while, but evidence of her overrun by great sizes. This great beast we consuming as breath leaves faces. All had I was trusty pokpok and thirst for revenge. I cried anger, “RAAAAAAAAAAAAA, CHUNGA BALLO”, in hopes to frighten monster. Funny thing, found mate-taker keeled over, dead in ditch stone throw from last tracks. Choked on beloved bones. glad beast suffered… I say you, friend, we owe thanks to sweet Vetri, without her blood, no sweet taste of beast. She live forever within.

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